** Capturing the moment - October **

2년 전

This month was pretty strange :) I took the time for myself to find out how to go on.I shared my story with you, but this is not the only thing that complicated my life. But things will never be the same as I would like to, so I have to accept and learn how to live with it. Things started to turn to better and this is important. So for now,let me represent my October in the picture.

Meeting new friends 🐶🐮🐷



Sunset in October ❤️

Hiking 🍃


Finding small things 🐌

Discovering some old things 📞

Reading 📚


Enjoying this magical colors 🌅

Fun time ☺️


And best for the last : halloween and my girls ❤️🎃


I hope you like it ☺️Se you soon!
with love, @Tinabrezpike

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Aye, definitely learned in past years that things don't go as expected, but we have to accept it anyway.

Thank you for sharing you amazing october, some photos are trully stunning, definitely earns a resteem, Steem on! :)


Hei @warrkin thank you for this :) 😊😊

Dear Tina, thank you for sharing your story with us. I wish you a lovely time here on Steemit, and a successful future. Have fun!


Thank you for your kind words ❤️ All the best 😊

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