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The Viligant Christian can't be wrong, it's just his worldview! :)


Plus he got girls in high school. This Mario guy is a real somebody.


Girls?! In High School?!?

Shit, nobody's ever done that before!

Thank you, TJ. For the years and years of entertainment. Keep doing what you're doing. Love ya!

They see me uploading, entertainin' even tho Steem is as low as it is, it's nice to see you keep on fightin the fight and uploading here, thank you for supporting the platform still ! T.J. (cryptos allways have their high and lows, even if these times are a bit depressing) Allways getting criticized the wrong way by people not understanding a bit of you is allways frustrating to say the least.

They only ever mention the arguments because they have no idea how to defend them.
It's a kind of tactics I think.
If they mention the argument instead of presenting it, the argument goes unchallanged and some guilible people who look it up are then persuaded.
I'm yet to see an argument for existance of god that don't outright assert the positive and cannot be "destroyed" in one sentence.

Keep up the good stuff coming, TJ.

It always amazed me how the vigilant christian can think nearly everything is a conspiracy, EXCEPT his religion.

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Tj are you denying the existence of Zeus? He's real bro, he's got huge pecks.

Thank God (pun intended).

I like much of what TJ/AA posts, but it is nice to get back to fighting religion. I understand the shit gets boring if you do it every day, but it is still a staple of the channel/blog. Theocratic thinking is still something that needs to be fought - it still has a lot of pull in society unfortunately.

TJ, you're just angry because you were bullied by people like the Vigilant Christian as a kid.

Talking shit to Mario is always entertaining, Tj.

As a side note I think I managed to get this video resteemed through resteemable. Its free so don't get too excited but hopefully it gets you a few extra upvotes.

Keep up the good work Tj.