Coffee break



coffee and the woods

I don't like ranting, so let's move past the couple of posts I made recently. Breathe in, breathe out... Let's move on.

Coffee break

  • Here's a visual coffee break for my blog stream...
  • ... As I myself am drinking coffee, while writing this.

That's a lungo by the way. Lungo is coffee made via espresso machine, but with more water used compared to a regular espresso shot. Thus, it is brewed longer and has more volume. It tends to be more bitter (at least to me) than a regular espresso shot, even though more water is in your drink. And sometimes I prefer it, thinking more caffeine must've been extracted from the coffee. But it still has crema on top, characteristic of espresso shots, which I visually love.

How did you enjoy your coffee today?

Have a nice day everyone!

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Im enjoying one right now, with cream! Have a great day 😀


Thanks, have a great day man!