Children and Stories Not Just Fun


It is important for your child to get used to stories and books even before entering school, and so bedtime stories are the best way to do that, as children love this part of their day and like the presence of these fictional characters in their lives, but the children did not enjoy the stories?

In this article, we answer this question in addition to talking about the benefits of bedtime stories, and how to encourage your child to get used to and enjoy this activity.

Children did not enjoy the stories

The stories give children a simple picture of the world around them, which helps them to understand what is happening around them and provides an explanation of the feelings they are feeling. In addition to being the daily routine of bedtime stories, children feel safe and comfortable.
Children like to imagine there is more in the world than they see and stories encourage them to sharpen their imaginations.

Every child wants a hero in his life, someone who saves the situation, solves problems and helps everyone, and these elements are found in children's stories.

A child's dreams and what he desires to become fulfilled in the stories, and he sees himself as an astronaut exploring a planet of sweets, or a witch crossing the doors of Hogwarts for the first time.

The happy endings of children's books give the child an assurance that no matter what difficulties or problems he faces, the ending must be happy.

The child enjoys the events of the stories and yearns to hear the end, which gives him a feeling of achievement and happiness after each story.


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