Win the first hour to win the day!

3년 전

I discovered Jon Kwik of Kwik Learning yesterday. You can find his presentations and interviews on YouTube. Something that is sticking with me, and that I’ve heard in the past but is only now resonating with me is the benefit of a morning routine. If you fill the first hour of your day with a purposeful routine it gives you momentum to succeed for the rest of the day. He also used the phrase “practice makes progress.” I thought that was a great twist because there is never perfection, only slightly better than before. I don’t have to be perfect tomorrow, but do everything I can to at least be. 1 percent better.
0EDFA36E-6D83-482D-A470-39C7EED1E30B.jpeg Yosemite National Park in Northern California, 2017.

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Yosemite is my favorite

What happens if you win the second hour as well but lose the seventh?