Adopting a Persona Worthy of Parody(4 Stages)

4년 전

Yesterday talk tactic released a video about a Persona Worthy of Parody. See that below.

Today I'm discussing a persona worthy of parody and the 4 stages involved in adopting a persona.

First before we get into the 4 stages these are a few observations.

Observation a.
Think of Character and Persona as cause and effect. Character is Internal and Persona is External.

Observation b.
Information is filtered through the lens of your Character and then your Interpretation of that is manifested in the display we call your Persona.

Observation c.
A memorable persona is a persona worthy of parody.

Observation d.
People will accept or reject your persona based on what they already want to do. If they wish to accept they will find a reason to rationalize. If they wish to reject they will find reasons to accuse. They will act based on what they already want.

Observation e.
The first rejection is generally the hardest rejection. After that over time people still can reject but it tends to become more of an underlining dislike. People can even grow to generally accept your persona while simultaneously disliking it.

Observation f.
Generally speaking the role models we choose to emulate for our personas are not the ultimate embodiment of the qualities we wish to posess. My example persona is John Wayne. It's not about acting like John Wayne. It's about adopting a Masculine Persona and John Wayne is a practical way to grasp that concept. It's one step on a ladder. Who was John Wayne acting like?

Now I'll get into the 4 stages of persona.

Stage 1.
People observing. Some accusing and some rationalizing. All acting in accordance with their established bias to reject or accept.

Stage 2.
People generally accept, but still mantain an underlining like or dislike. They still watch and observe.

Stage 3.
People accept new persona whether they like it or not and act accordingly.

Stage 4.
People question the genuineness of a person when that person acts incongruently with his established persona.

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reading this one made me do alittle introspection and think about my character and personas.

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Seen too many fake persons around. Genuiness is what I respect.

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Is there are people that have 2 or more persona?

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Really informative video bro.

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I want a memorable persona but seems I have a ways to go...

A memorable persona is a persona worthy of parody.

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Thanks reonlouw for the comment. We're interested to hear any stories about adopting a new persona. Or your observations about exploring personas.

yes. exactly. great post man. very informative.


Thanks bigmike420. I appreciate that.

every person has different personality. great article!
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Thanks for the comment. Would love to hear your deep thoughts exploring the issue. :)

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You're welcome deemmosqueda. I appreciate that. Would love to hear your thoughts about persona etc. :)

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Love you article. It is really important as which and who are we looking up to. The truth is, following someone could either make you or destroy you. And it is another thing to be a role model too!
As for me, I have bunch of people following too.


That is true. Choosing a good one is so important. One of the modules in our course Masculine Anchors covers some of that information. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

A memorable persona is a persona worthy of parody.
Well said.

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