The Power of Routines(3 Stages)

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Today we're discussing routines and 3 stages to go through. Talk Tactic just did a video about the power of routines. It can be seen below.

Everyone has routines. The question is not if someone has them. The question is are the routines posessed beneficial.

This brings us to the first point.

Stage 1.
Identify. At this stage an individual takes an honest look at the effects of his routines. The point is to observe if specific ones are positive or negative. Once positive or negative effects are identified it becomes obvious whether to continue, discontinue, or enhance the routine. In this stage one will also be searching out and identifying new positive routines to incorporate. This part of the stage demands research and consideration.

Stage 2.
Restructure. In this stage one will take action based on the information discovered in the first stage. Perhaps he identifed 3 harmful routines that must be discontinued. Maybe through careful research he has discovered a couple powerful routines that need to be incorporated. Perhaps there is a routine already incorporated but now it's time to put effort into enhancing that beneficial routine. Whatever the case, a restructuring of current routines is carried out based on conclusions from the first stage.

Stage 3.
The Power of Accumulation. At this point stage 2 has been in action for sometime and the effects of the routines have accumulated into a noticable change. Some examples: weight loss, lower debt, increased saving/investments, increased skill, healthier lifestyle etc. This can be a very positive time for someone who has intentionally gone through stage 1 and 2.

It's important to note that everyone is living in stage 3 right now. It's just that a person may or may not have intentionally gone through stage 1 and 2.

Intentional or not, a person has routines and those routines have an accumulative effect.

If an individual is in stage 3 by accident rather than by design it can be a very negative experience.

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Power of positive thinking!@richardmacneil Kryptonia

I would like to have routine adventures to contrast my routine boredom

Having a routine is like having an app that makes things simpler for us.

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Thanks rubelynmacion, we'd be glad to hear about some of your routines.

Great article. Couldn't agree more as daily routines are crucial for any type of success in life.

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It's spring approaching, and an appropriate time to change a few routines. thanks! Upvote, comment, and re-steem, from Jerry32 over at kryponia.


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Nice article.. People makes habits and then habits make them...
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Having such routines can make your life more organized. Great blog!
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always think positive in life, believing to yourself can guide you to a bright future.

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Some routines are to be kept and some to be thrown away!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article @traylorjonathan. It's high time for me to think through my routines, to honestly assess which ones are beneficial for me and drop the ones that are not. Especially the things that will have a long term effect on my life, be it physical, financial, emotional or spiritual.

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Man, what a cool breakdown, its essential we understand these 3 stages and don't let them run us but also have some structure, BALANCE.