Is Life Unfair?


Life is many things, we can really go through the motions on any given day. It is so unpredictable, at times. That some days, it is so hard to even know where to begin, or how to get through that day. I have certainly had times in my life where I have felt that life is indeed very unfair.


This was never more apparent, than when my sister passed away, after suffering so much during her journey with cancer. It was her suffering, that made it the must unfair. There is no reason for her to have gone through so much.

Death itself is a natural part of life, it is something that awaits us all and we all have to deal with it. But to see someone you love, go through so much pain and fade before your eyes, is very fucking unfair!

And yet, we can say that suffering is also, a natural part of life, a necessary part of life. As suffering is something that can really strengthened us, really help us tap into our power. But when it ends in the loss of life, then it is something different altogether.

But when I look at life overall, at the way in which we choose to navigate our way, I can not say that it is unfair. Because to me, life really is all about what you do with it, how committed you are to living. Living and not just surviving.

So many people have forgotten what that means, have forgotten what it means to be alive. Instead they spend theirs chasing an ideal, caught up in a system that drains them, in all ways possible.

There is more to life, than working just to survive, just to live comfortably, as some folk put it. Losing themselves within a materialistic world, focusing on what they believe they need in order to succeed. Not realizing that those things are what are tying them down, preventing them from seeing what real success actual is.

We have been raised in a world, where things, where stuff matters more, than our well being. A slave to this capitalistic world, one that has us drunk on advertisements and addicted to seeking recognition from those who have no real interest in our lives.

Life is so complicated right now,(or is it?) we are living in a time where our freedom to move has been threatened. (They may say that we are not allow to travel, but that in itself goes against our constitutional rights, our human rights.) Some are so immeshed in this narrative that they never even question, what is being imposed on them.


We make choices everyday, that affect the type of life that we lead, that affect the quality of life we have and those choices are so often influenced by others. It takes a lot to break away from the system and have freewill over how you live your life.

It is something I have been striving towards for many years. And yet there are some things that pull me in, it's getting less and less though.

Can we really have a fair shot at life, if we do not first take back control and responsibility for how we live. It's doesn't help that we have been dumbed down by the media and our educational system. Where the ability to think for one self, is pushed aside, instead the focus is on teaching us to follow orders, to conform and obey!

We get to choose how we think, how we see things. We get to choose how we interact with others, with the earth. We can't control how things happen,but we can control how we react to them. Life is multi layered, we never know what each day will bring. But the simple act of thinking positively, affects how others respond to us.

It is up to each one of us to decide, what we want to nourish ourselves with. The food that we eat, the water that we drink, the narrative's that we believe, where we wish to place our focus in life.

We know that what we consume, affects us on all levels and no matter what life throws at us, we can deal with it, learn from it much better, if we are healthy. If we honour ourselves, honour our bodies needs, then we get to reap the rewards.

The same goes with honouring the earth, nature is full of abundance and provides us with all that we need. But if we choose to disconnect and lay waste to her many gifts, then we never get to experience the numerous benefits, of living in harmony with her!

Living a more natural life, may seem like a lot of hard work, it may seem like we have to sacrifice a lot, in order to make it. But what are we sacrificing when we live so disconnected from nature, from our true self? The real price to pay from that, is an unbalanced life, that leaves us suffering from dis ease.

We can not help but experience events that are unfair, but we are better equipped to deal with them, when we live true to who we are. When we have tapped into our inner power.

Life will always be challenging, but it is also full of magic and such wonderful opportunities in which we get to learn and grow. Once we recognize that, then we can find the balance within it all.Between what is fair and unfair!


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