The Lessons I Have Learnt! - The Power Of Community!


Thinking about the Lessons, I have learnt over these past few years. The many ups and downs, that life brings us, as we carve our way. The many people that have come into my life and left their mark.


I live in a place, which attracts many different sorts of folk. I love the diversity of people, that live here and who visit yearly. When I came here first over six years ago, the plan was to stay for a few weeks and then keep traveling. But this place is hard to leave, once you really immerse yourself into it.

It has a huge artistic community, permaculture community and spiritual community, where everyone is embraced for who they are. There are always, lots of events happening and it is such a wonderful place to raise your children, as it has such stimulating environment and there is so much on offer and so much for them to get involved in.

It may not be the place for everyone, but I feel very lucky to be here, especially now. Yes there has been a huge division within the greater community, a division that I was surprised to experience, as so many people who have moved here, did so because they wanted a freer life, one that was out of the system. But the fear that has been pushed on us all, runs deep for some folk and it as affected so many.

But luckily I found my tribe, I got to discover the true meaning of community. Something that I had been searching for, for quite a while now. It just took a plandemic to bring us all together. For a to really see one another.

It has been very interesting to see how people react under these restrictions, during these challenging times. To see what triggers some folk and what really unites others. This whole last year, I have learnt so much about myself, about my strengths and my weaknesses.

I finally found the strength to let others help me, to let go of this desire to always be in control and fight my on fight! I have Hagar difficulties in trusting folk, it is something I have carried with me from a young age. And as a result I. Have often pushed folk away. Pushed them away instead of embracing their willingness to help.

Finally realizing that I actually become more powerful when I let down m guard and let others in!

There was always this resistance within me , this fear of being betrayed and let down. Something I have had my fair share of, but these last few years have taught me about the importance of trust and community. Of opening up and sharing who I really am. Fully accepting who I have become.

It is one thing to write about this process, this journey, it is another to actually live it, to be it! This last year, has been a roller-coaster ride and it is not over yet. I Am facing many uncertainties, like we all are, plus my way of life is now under threat. But at least I know that my tribe have got back!

I have always been a bit of a loner, stubborn in my ways. I know now, that I was just trying to protect myself,but that huge wall I put up, it shut everything out. The good, as well as the bad.

Yes I still protect myself, I always will, but I have gained so much from letting my guard down. From opening myself up to the community that is around me. I really trust the people that are in my life now, I feel completely at home around my magnificent tribe.

We continue to come together and celebrate life and one another, none of us have let this wide spread fear, dictate our lives and we all draw strength from one another. How lucky I feel, that I get to experience, the power of community!

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