What is Coming Next?

7개월 전


The last few days, I have wanted to write about something else besides "the Virus". To lighten the mood somewhat. But then I think, why, we really need to talk about this. Not enough people are, well besides the whole, "I'm over this, but know it has to be done".

So many folk just skimming the surface, talking about masks and what not. Giving out about those who don't wear them and are putting everyone else in danger.

I mean you don't need to dig that deep or research that much, to realize how much we are being lied to. And now, now we see how easy it has been, to turn us against one another. Where we find some people policing others, trying so desperately to bury them in their own fear.

Today I went into town,
on my weekly trip to get some supplies. I mostly walk in there, it's maybe 3kms and usually I meet other people, pet a few dogs and wave to those I know who drive past. But now, now I rarely see anyone else and when I do, I see their sad eyes and their frowned and worried brow.

I see and feel their uneasiness, from the weight of carrying so much uncertainty, on top of that is the heavy energy that surrounds us. But there is also a sense of anticipation, because what will come next? We all have our ideas and some of them will be coming true.

But really, what is coming next?


Where do we all go from this point. Because everything has changed now, every single person on this planet has been affected by this, psychologically more than anything else. Whatever about the risk to physical health, why is our mental health being ignored. And that why is aimed towards those who comfortably go along with all this.

Can they not see how emotionally devastating this has and will be, for so many of us. This lack of physical contact, where we were told we could no longer embrace our family. We need to be able to touch and feel. How many people have been devout of this since the lock down?

Touch stimulates our whole nervous system and hugging, well hugging strengthens our immune system

The gentle pressure on the sternum and the emotional charge this creates activates the Solar Plexus Chakra. This stimulates the thymus gland, which regulates and balances the body’s production of white blood cells, which keeps you healthy and disease free.


And here we are, experiencing this huge awakening (or blinding for some) , experiencing this gigantic transition and we have been segregated from one another. Alienated, with so many consumed by fear, unwilling to see past what they have been told.

But then, this was bound to happen, in some shape or form. Because things couldn't keep going the way they were. There are those who live by their material wealth and those that don't, who see and value their place within the earth. We are a part of something much grander, so much grander than this game that is being played out right now.

This is what I tell myself, this is what I reinforce. We are a part of this beautiful planet,a part of the natural flow of life.
and there is so much more to life, than what our human lives have created. We are a part of something much bigger that what the medias tries to sell us.

There is a whole world out there, that calls to us, that entices us to get involved and plant and grow with her. We just have to answer that call. It is that easy!

Have a great Sunday everyone xxxx

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Ties in wonderfully to my own thoughts of the day!