2개월 전


I have plenty things in my head, plenty ideas and thoughts I'd like to share but it is all clogged up and tangled like earpiece wires.

About things like the nysc program i will leave for in a month or two, the future, the thoughts on the girl i used to call my girlfriend and the girl i ignored because i thought i was in a perfect relationship.

Unable to get this thoughts out i keep telling them to myself over and over again, with a little deviation from a different perspective. This time I'd be talking as though to my mother, the next time to my father, in a week or so I'd wonder why i thought of things like this and move to something totally new.

Twitter used to be there for me, it was the ultimate vent platform, synonymous to yelling from your balcony to no one and everyone but i now know too many people on it to tweet sentimental shit.

I know i am a man of ideas, i know i get shit done, i just need to connect once again to that part of me which is expressive.

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