4# Ideas you should know about - the 80-20 Rule

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Do you want to be more efficient? Do you want to earn more and get more done in less time?
The 80-20 rule will help you with this!


The 80-20 rule states, that 20% of the things you do achieve 80% of the results. This is due to the Pareto principle, most of your actions result in almost nothing, and a few achieve almost everything
this is a typical Pareto distribution.

You should always self-reflect and figure out which actions result in a lot. This implies that you stop doing useless things because most actions are basically doing nothing.


Pareto distributions

wealth, creativity, power
You will find that in almost any given domain, the square root of people in the domain, have at least 50% of the product.
This is due people getting more efficient in an exponential form.
Let's say you get 1% better every day in your domain. This will result in you being 38 times as efficient as in the beginning. There is no upper limit to this.

I encourage everyone to keep statistics of their work, so you can analyze what you are doing. Only if you do this, you will find out, what is working and what is not

Work on yourself!



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1st: https://www.tpgrp.com/how-to-get-ahead-of-the-employer-healthcare-cost-curve-to-effectively-manage-risk-and-cost/the-80-20-rule-graphic/
2nd: https://de.mathworks.com/help/stats/generalized-pareto-distribution.html?s_tid=gn_loc_drop
3rd: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/916902

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This is true and I have experienced it. If you go into a new field knowing nothing, as long as you try you will always progress upwards. Everytime you try you will grow and add value to you. Statistics never lie. Work on yourself. I really like this post.

I will follow you to see your future posts!

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