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Everyone, who is on steemit, is on it because of the interest in crypto. If you are against this statement, no problem, at least I found Steem as an investor in crypto. In 2017, I was accidentally into crypto as I received a payment from the client. After that, I invested in cryptocurrencies and made 250% ROI on my investment.

Bad thing is that I was not able to take any profit and all the profit resulted in a loss when BTC fell from the ATH. So, 250% ROI resulted in 15% of the investment. Yes, that much insane crypto world is and to tell you straight I love this volatility. Now I am back to 33% after the BTC bull run this week.

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I am not sure if I am going to reach the amount that I have invested as you can predict the moves of BTC. If it going down again for a year or two, I am going to stuck again. Even I am not sure if BTC gives me back what I have invested, should I take out or should I stay on the track to get the profit on investment. This feeling is pretty exciting and I am loving it while writing this post.

If you are also a crypto trader, I would love to hear your policies to invest and when you withdraw. Last year I didn't know the term withdraw, and as a result, I had to shift to BTC pair trading. After doing this I lost track of the USD trading and I am now in between USD trading pair plus BTC trading pair. Would love to see what you think and how you are doing in crypto world.

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@uio yes we can see the bulls running on crypto ,I am still waiting for the steem to go up slowly slowly it is coming down. Hope it will move up soon.

And one more thing I have reply you on the project that I have talked about in your post " What I Want From Life?" Please have a look at it and please reply if you have any questions.

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Thanks, Aditya ... I have read your comment on my other post and I will let you know if I make my mind. For now, I have other options available for the SP.

Lovely post :) Cheers :)

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Thanks for the post.