End of the World

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This is a stunning statement for a person like me. More questions in my mind are like;

What is the start of this world?
Why this has started?
Why humans were created?
Is this world going to end?
Is there any other world after the end of this one?
Is there going to be a punishment of the deeds after the end?
From how long humans are being born?
From how long will humans be born?
Why all this is a mystery?
Is there any purpose for this creation?

I was born in a religious family and was told that there is a God who has created us and it is our duty to worship him otherwise he/she is going to punish us in different ways. Let's accept this fact and do what is required but the question arises what if this hypothesis goes void. Some say even then you are in a winning position for example, if you are preparing for an exam and exam doesn't happen you are still safe like other but if the exam is going to happen you are again safe as you are ready with the preparation.

Still, there is no fun in it i.e. without knowing if this is going to happen. But if I see this reversely, I must say that fun is in curiosity. With knowing who we are, why we are here, who created us, we are trying to do what is told by the circle in which we are living or the circle that our mind has accepted after sitting in between them. We are supposed to earn our livings and we are not free to do the search that is required to get the answers or we might not be able to get the answers even after searching but will get only clues of what is right and what is wrong.

This topic keeps bugging me off and on and that's why I am writing this post so that any soul who has the same questions might answer my questions. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this topic and enlighten me with your knowledge. Doesn't matter to me whether you are an atheist or theist as I believe in logical answers :)

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Many questions and a wide variety of possible answers (of faith and scientific), but unfortunately none seems to satisfy our curiosity.
One of the problems is to take for granted a countless situation without a personal thought or experience of own analysis.
Obviously what we can confirm is the cyclicality of the events and the specular projection from the smallest to the largest we know. The forces that are distributed in the universe analyzed with our rudimentary analysis, is like starting to see a leaf of a tree and not the forest behind it.
Sometimes a religious intention limits us to doubt and ask therefore the answers we can pose are minimal.
We live in a place that we do not really know and we do not even know how we function psychologically. In a constant evolution of our environment and above we can finish our era to discover that truth. Analogously we are like avatars of an amazing game.
(is from the translator)

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great reply, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for the time :)

I like how your mind is working. Recently, my brother-in-law started me along a similar path of questioning.

  • How do we know that this is the first end-of-world event. (The Bible mentions the great flood.)
  • How many end-of-world events have there been?
    You mention that the people who have the same questions might help you but the more I ask the more nebulous it all gets.

I look forward to reading some of those answers. 👍

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Question is that if we are getting the reply from holy books, what are the chances that these books are the word of God? How to testify this part?


The question is whether or not the holy books contain all that they should. How much is missing, and are the timetables correct?

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