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Daily we struggle to think about what topic should we write, the best possible solution to this is we should write about the daily experience. So, today I am going to share my feelings that I just enjoyed plus the background related to it.

I am talking about my angel daughter here, she is going to be 1 and a half year now and she is so lovely plus lively and has the ability to power me up. If I share my feelings then for a long time, I was not enjoying things or events. When I say a long time, I mean from the last five years. I tried multiple things, like visiting different places, talking to different people, eating different foods and even getting married but there was no spike in my emotional graph.

One big change in my life was when I left my job five years ago and started as a freelancer while working from home. I meet people, have friends, play in a club, give parties, etc. but nothing is giving me real pleasure. Everything seems calculated, one thing that kept me on toes during this period was crypto trading. I enjoyed trading just for the sake of getting excited made 150% ROI and never took a dime out of it and I am in 50% loss now. While I mentioned statistics just to tell that I was doing this for the sake of excitement.

Then the day came when I had a little angel in my hands. Her eyes were wide open and she was continuously shouting at us for bringing her into this world. That was the day when while standing on the medicine store, my eyes were filled with tears of happiness. It was something that was out of the scope of my imagination. I didn't expect that this can bring me joy, I was just doing an experiment. That is why though I was not ready or had any plan to go for baby but on the suggestion of my wife decided to go for the angel. Almighty blessed us without delay like this was already on the schedule. I am writing this post now as I just had a call from here and that made me happy, so decided to share the feelings with you guys.

daughter 3.jpg
I am not sure what excites you, might be a different thing for you like it was my daughter for me. I am thinking to try different sports like sky diving or more adventurous sports to test the hypothesis of monotonous attitude. If you have any suggestions for me or want you to share how you feel happy or exited in your life, I would love to hear and try :)

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Right now I am not so much excitement and happy from my life the first thing which is required success from the monetary terms in the life. I had not achieved from steemit right now. Struggling life no one upvote and no courage appear to do again content feeling totally lonely from everything....😖😖

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Don't lose hope, when negativity knocks you down, arise with more passion and always be positive.

Thanks for sharing, and I have news for you. With regard to your daughter, it's only going to get better. Nothing in this world teaches you more than your children, and the older she gets and the more she grows and becomes a person with her own individual characteristics, opinions and personality, the more wonderful she will make your world. Enjoy it and all the best ...

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Wow, this comment made me happy from inside too. Thanks for sparing some time and sharing the positive energy :)

Feeling happy from the inside is the real happiness, isn’t it? Like you, I sometimes get caught up on trying to find external happiness, but alas, that lasts for a while but then it fades. I am still learning to be happy from the inside out and I hope you continue to be happy inside as well. Nuff w

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Indeed, it is the real deal. You have shared the truth, coming out from deep down of you :)

I think we are in the same boat. My daughter "little princess" as we call her is going to be one year old this month. A baby certainly gives you pleasure.

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Yup, we are on the same Titanic, enjoy the party buddy :)

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we should share our experiences

ya.. we should share our daily experiences..it will be so satisfaction for others

@uio ,feeling happy inside that show you are satisfied in your life right na

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feeling happy inside for me is keep doing what gives you pleasure, the problem for me is I don't like doing the same things again n again.

nice pictures.... heart touching

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