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Yesterday, I started playing badminton again after 2 months. I was missing this activity but I had a project at hand and that is why I was supposed to pay the time to the project. Now the project is almost complete so I decided to join the club back as the new month was starting.

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I was in the club at 8 pm and was welcomed by all of the members. The good thing about this game is that you can find the player of every age in this game. The oldest player in my club is of 60 years and that's a great motivation for the rest of the club members. Another beauty of this game is that you can join as a child and years later your child can join you in the court too. This is the most beautiful and interesting part of this game that your child can join you in the game. You can play with them, teach them and enjoy with them. We have two father and boy pairs in the club where fathers are of 60+ age while sons are teenagers yet. I wish to see myself playing with my son too in the same court.

As I joined after two months, obviously was out of practice and was struggling to control the game as I used too. As a result, we lost all the games and I experienced a new thing. I was thinking that I will be able to handle the game easily but this was not the case. Due to the summer season, there was a lot of sweat and that was the main reason I go to court.

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I came back, enjoyed the bath and then dinner, slept early as I was tired. Still, my body is telling me that it needs rest and my eyes are closing to take rest. Though I have just taken a break of 3 hours and enjoyed the sleeping my muscles are aching from legs to belly to arms. Frankly, I am enjoying this weekly and will enter in the court with more passion today.

What game do you love to play for fitness or as a hobby? What is the most exciting part of the game for you that you play?

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i totally relate to the post hard workout feeling - after dinner shower and snooze. whether it be squash badminton or in my case Tennis, .. cannot be bought, .. it has to be earned. that's the great thing about it. love it.

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Love to see the comment from a sports lover :)

Badminton is pretty fun. Haven't played that much in my life, but the handful of times I have, it was fairly enjoyable. It was great exercise, if anything, because we were all super competitive with it. Even though we all sucked. lol :)

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Yes, this game tests your skills and gives you a feeling like you are in a combat.

@uio oh wow it's nice to see you back with lots of energy, their is no age for again starting just keep faith in you.

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Best sport ever.... gd luck and enjoy

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I like more Tennis but badminton is also a lot of fun :) Love to play it in early summer, because than its not that hot :)

ese deporte en colombia, nunca lo he visto
seria bueno investigar, colombia de debe globalizar

I enjoy badminton. But disc golf is my favorite sport . Getting a Ace (hole in one) is the greatest feeling. I've been playing about 15 years and only have 4..

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Badminton is the real game we play whilst i was kid in my homeland Indonesia, with my neighboors we are kids 'hijacked' the street in front of our house along the way around 12 kids play single and double on that street with invisible net (read: no net) till we run out our battery, and back home with sweats whole your body. The best part is of course when you can smash!

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