Take Responsibility for Yourself

in life

In childhood, a child strives to take a good path because of his parent's training and guidance. As he grows up he starts finding faults in the approach of his parents. All is gold if he gets success in his life on his own policy. But if he is not successful, he finds it easy to mention his parents the reason for his failure.

Example 1:

I will explain this point with two real examples so that it can be easy to understand. One of my friend's father was a police officer and an example for the rest of the officer. This policeman didn't take bribe his whole life to set an example for his children. As a result, there was not much property available for the kids to distribute when he retired. Finally, rather than getting rewarded for leading an exemplary life, some of the children started complaining later that their father has not done any for them.

Example 2:

Another case is that a father was not able to educate his child due to financial issues but he made his son a mechanic. The son was not a hardworking soul as a result was not able to do much in life. So, the son started saying that if his father had given him the education, he would have been an officer now.

When I often meet such kind of people, I ask them that let's say that the parents did nothing for you. Now you have time to show yourself something by yourself. After this question, I see silence from other hand and people start running here and there to avoid the question.

Why people put the responsibility of failure on their parents? As this is the easiest way to hide your faults. They fail in practical life because of the parents, in educational life because of the teacher, in professional life because of the boss, bad habits because of the friend, in married life because of children and the never-ending list goes on. You mention a failure, they have the ability to mention the reason for that and how they tried their best.

I believe in taking responsibility and fixing what is wrong. Rather than keep finding goats and putting blame on them, one should start working on the solutions of the existing problem. This way they will come out of the shell and start doing something for them. This is how the whole of society is going to make progress rather than saying that we are poor because of the govt. etc.

Every problem has a solution, this is another topic that rather you are going to jump in the river in order to accomplish the goal i.e. ready to do the required hard work. Parents can control you until you are an adult, after that you are your responsibility not of your parents, teachers or your friends.

We should always try and on any failure rather than judging others, should focus on our faults so that we can take control of the situation and improve. If we are not going to remove our mistakes, we are never going to get rid of the failures of life.

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True, it's easier to blame anyone for your failures, but not yourself.E878414F-C280-4AB3-BCB8-14AF3D998EF5.jpeg

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like you are for your gym body :p welcome to steemit buddy.

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Wow.. The best motivation. Thanks...

  ·  작년

Good to know that you feel motivated after reading this :)

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Love you for this :)