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in life

We are trying to make gold here i.e. trying to earn as much as possible. Sometimes when we fail to achieve our target we feel disappointed and count that or those days as a bad day. But as the passage of time terms change their meanings and we testify the change by ourselves. We admit that some of the terms were valuable a lot in our childhood and adulthood as compared to when we grow out and value things or terms in a different way.

For example, getting my first cell phone was tough enough for me as a student as was not able to save much. I tried for 1 and half year in order to get a $100 cell phone. I got the required money, I reached the market and got to know that price has changed due to the hike in price and just hated that moment and came back home. My mother felt that on my face and asked the problem. I shared with her and solved this problem in a jiffy, as a result, my desired phone was in my hand and I was feeling blessed. Today case is different, I have a $1000 phone, 10 times more the price but the happiness in 100 times less as compared to that.

Buying shoes and new clothes or even new books was an act of amazing happiness and feeling. But now you have branded clothes in the wardrobe and no feelings attached to it. Why is this happening? Do you think too much knowledge is a dangerous thing? Another example to make this point understandable is when in childhood I saw moon it was looking like a white piece of cake with a top view. But now when I see the moon, I see a ball who is getting light from the sun and that part of the ball is shining. Science has given us this knowledge but I want to enjoy the same old moon that I was enjoying in my childhood.

I think its human nature, they keep enquiring and making new things. They feel excited this way, trying new things, doing new experiences. It is about where I am living, I mean I was provided different types of experiences and when I absorbed them all, they are not charming anymore. So, actually, I need to try more things with the new experience.

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  ·  작년

It makes a lot of sense for your publication, friend, imagine for those of us who live in Venezuela, every penny is a pearl, but that does not make us despise our land always beautiful, it is only the situation that we live!

  ·  작년

thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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  ·  작년

Thanks, dear board :)

  ·  작년

Well it is true.... nicely said....
Gr8 post @uio

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  ·  작년

Good work, I have upvoted your post.

Life is just a journey for a while . The real life begins afterwords. We should worry about the the stuff which will help us raise our station there. Love and remember the creater and help the needy ones.... what do you think?........I am following you....

  ·  작년

You are right about the next word, but what we are trying to do is understand our struggle in this one. We cannot simply ignore this world :)

  ·  작년


Great article, I agree we are constantly evolving as humans and subsequently our wants and needs change over time.