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Do you have a habit of walking fast? When I asked this question to myself, I realized I am not sure about this. Most of the time I use my car or my motorbike to travel. So I am not rather I walk quick or slow. Anyhow, why I am discussing this as I have just read an article that was mentioning this. Quick walkers, long life and slow walkers short life.

Thanks to the universities who have done research on this part and if we apply logic on this point, this makes complete sense. To walk quickly, you need a fit body and you also need a fit body to stay a healthy and long life. People who have a habit of walking fast live longer than others.
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Two British universities have said after conducting a joint survey that people who are slow, their life span can be short. While fast-moving people are going to enjoy a longer life span as this process improves physical health. Experts from the University of Lisaster and Bureau examined the data available in the British Biotech.

Rather you are fat or thing if you have a habit of walking fast, I have a piece of good news for you. You are going to enjoy a long and healthy life as a reward for this habit. This research considers the walking style rather than the weight of the person.

Tom Yatts, general practice professor and health expert Professor, and his colleagues in the University of Lester wrote the research. They said that physical fitness is a symbol of long life. That is why we advise taking quick steps to improve the quality of life and have a long lifespan.

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Can we say that if you are not a gym guy or fitness freak, developing this habit is a solution to the problem? I am not saying that walking fast is going to help you get a perfect gym body. But you are going to enjoy a strong body for developing this habit. I need to develop this habit too, though I love playing badminton I should add this in my routine as a warm-up before starting badminton.

If I could not walk far and fast, I think I should just explode and perish - Charles Dickens

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Getting a little form of exercise is a good thing. Happy Friday Uio.

  ·  작년

Yes, one should keep moving as that is the basic rule for our body :)

  ·  작년


Interesting study..

I wonder if by walking faster, you could reduce the recommended £10k steps in a day to say 8000 steps simply by upping the speed?

  ·  작년

You spend more energy when you walk with speed, I am sure you have a logical point here i.e. quality over quantity.

I think I walk about 5000 steps per day, but it isn't my habit.

  ·  작년

I tried tracker while playing badminton for 45 mins and it showed 1500 steps during that time.


I don't have time to play sport but my work requires me walking.

  ·  작년

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Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

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thanks for the update @miti

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Anytime ;-)

Walking fast and far is the best exercise you can be doing

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