Win Upvotes: Tell answer, get the rewards, Video Contest: Can you name this weather event at Mumbai- India...???? Storm, Cyclone or other phenomenon...????

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Yesterday @crazyphoton and @unknownphoton were traveling in Mumbai (MH, India) and we observed some strange change in atmosphere, So @Unknownphoton took out camera and recorded event...!!! @crazyphoton had some basic knowledge he said its general weather phenomenon may be cloud formation, instability condition kind of storm or cyclonic. But then tail shape appeared and once we reach home it rained heavily in surrounding area for few minutes...!!! So kindly share your opinion if you have knowledge about this weather phenomenon :)

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No I can't , but you should read tropical and temperate cyclone condition
Congrats on first video

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No, I can't, but it looks really interresting, so thanks for sharing your record from this.


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