Why Gandhiji is called Mahatma?

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  1. Man of experiments= In his book 'my experiments with truth' , Gandhiji wrote about every single mistake he committed and how he learnt from them.
    When we all try to cover our faults and blunders, he was the person ever ready to find the Truth, howsoever bitter it was.

  2. Man of Integrity= Gandhiji launched non cooperation movement against Britishers, he emphasized on nonviolent and peaceful struggle.
    However, in ChauriChaura an emotionally torched crowd set ablaze a police station, killing few policemen. Gandhiji quickly halted the movement. Many felt dejected.
    But, He wanted people to first understand real meaning of SATYAGRAHA. This way he carried out Bloodless Revolution.

  3. True Man Kind= Britishers became colonial masters. because, they falsely made people to believe on theory of "White man's Burden"
    Gandhiji destroyed this myth of superiority. In Africa, he tought people that colour of skin doesn't make them inferior. He rejuvenated their self respect.
    Today, when we are overly worried about shape of our body, colour of skin , caste and creed; Gandhian philosophy is loud and clear.... Accept and love the way you are born. Character is what matters!

  4. The Sanyasi= Gandhiji volunteerily left Congress and active politics. He gave space for emergence of young leadership and new ideas.
    It is quite relevant today, our politicians never want to leave Power. Someone wants to be a PM or president even at age of 90!
    Gandhiji was Detached from worldly Power greed.

  5. Supreme Sacrifice - after attaining freedom on 15th August 1947, India was in mood of celebrations. Gandhiji didn't take part in it. He was at Noakholi (village in Bengal) fighting against communal violence.
    He didn't take side of either Hindu or Muslim. He just wanted each of them to be human first and live peacefully.
    He practiced everything he preached. He died for those principles.

Finally, Gandhiji is MAHATMA(the great soul) because, Even after departing bodily, his thoughts keeps us teaching, "Be the change, you wish to see".

Finally, In Barak Obama's words, "Gandhiji was rare gift to World"

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