Action speaks louder than words

3년 전

Many times people say things or make promises that at the end of the day don’t intend of keeping.We tell others that we love them or care about them, but until our behavior coincides with that the other person isn’t ready to believe us. Sometimes we have feelings for others that we can’t explain or words are not enough for others to understand how important they are in our lives. On the other hand,words can be seen as ‘’cheap ‘’ sometimes.We can talk and talk by telling someone all the things she/he wants to hear but at the end they matter less to us.

Every relationship in order to remain healthy needs a balance to be kept in order to be protected. Words should not mean more than actions. Words should explain our actions and help us communicate better with the ones we need the most.This concern will be far gone only when our actions don’t contradict the faithful promises that we are responsible of making.

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I agree with you :D


Good to know :D @zija2022


Glad to see you agree with me :)

Unfortunately, a lot of worth is placed on words. Actions are not enough. People still seek affirmations such as "I love you" and attach a sense of security and worth in those words. It's a shame that positive and good actions are not sufficient for some.


Couldn't agree more with you.However, in my opinion, people should get more attached to people's actions and not to what they say every single moment.Sometimes things are said that aren't meant.

I couldn't agree more. One action can speak a thousand words. Its the unsaid that often goes unoticed and become every day normalities.


Exactly! You got the point ;)

  ·  3년 전

Good points and something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I think actions can be supported by words. Both play an important role, but you can often tell people's true feelings by their actions. Keep up the good work @unshakeable :)