Timing is Everything!

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From the time we make up we are in a battle with time.But as we grow up I am sure that more and more often we constantly hear people around us talking about timing.How important timing is and if you are lucky enough you might have heard the wise quote “Timing is everything, and everything in time.”


In case you are wondering,why is timing so important.Well,let’s put it this way.Trying and being against the best timing is like trying to walk against a strong headwind.Life is extremely hard everybody knows that.However,we should not make it even more by not planning things and just making everything more complicated.

Trust me,having the wind in your direction can mean a lot.But most importantly it can differentiate the final outcome in your favor.

Everything is changing in this world.From a tiny rock in Sahara till the clouds and mountains in the sky.Nothing is permanent or 100% stable.

Life cycle and the mood can change your luck dramatically.You could ask your boss for a raise and get yelled while 5 minutes later you would have probably gotten it if only you had waited for him to pick up the phone and listen about sth good you did in the office.

Any situation can change by just doing the right thing.

Sometimes the right thing could be patience while in other cases it could be action.No matter the circumstance there is always a solution to get out of a tough situation.Timing can be the key for that.

Always seek for the right timing and remember forcing matters or pressuring people might not always work your way.At the end of the day,everything happens for a reason.You may not know it at the time things happen but you might figure it out some years later.

Thank you for time.A short message by Unshakeable.

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Doing a right thing in a wrong time is like doing a wrong thing altogether.


100% accurate!

I say "Timing is Everything" all the time, however, I didn't know that there was more to that saying.. lol.. I definitely learned something new today. But yeah, I get what you mean about timing...


So I can say that my job was done here :D

Timing is very important, it makes a difference between winning and losing. And how do we know if the timing is correct? Unfortunately by trial and error, and the more we learn and with more experience we have, we get better. Thank you for this post, it was a lovely read.


Thank you for your comment.To the point as always.It's great to interact with people like you!!!

Timing is everything, but at the same time, time is relevant ;)


Great approach.I guess you could see it that way as well.