8 Qualities of March Born People

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People born in the month of March have certain unique qualities which separate them from the rest of 0


People born in the month of March have certain unique qualities which separate them from the rest of the mortals and here are some of the vital ones.

  1. Generosity
    People born in March are blessed with the virtues of sympathy and generosity. Their big bigheartedness helps them win the love and admiration of others which encourage them further to continue in their selfless acts.

  2. Quietness
    The March born prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and can be found in a quiet corner lost in their own thoughts. They avoid loud and garish people like Cancerians and would choose peace and serenity over wealth and fame any day.

  3. Talented
    These people are extremely talented and are of an artistic bent of mind. They have a love for fine arts and music. No wonder a lot of famous artists of the days gone by have their birthdays in the month of March.

  4. Fidelity
    The March born can seldom, if ever, be caught cheating on their lover. They are highly devoted individuals and will stick to their loved ones during the toughest of times.

  5. Intuition
    These people are highly intuitive and it is almost impossible to deceive them. They can sense any scheme against them in a jiffy, and hence, they can make a strong enemy.

  6. Adaptive to changes
    Mountains or plains, valleys or deserts; these people can adapt to any situation and terrain. Give them the basic necessities of life and they will survive. Their ability to adjust themselves to any kind of situation is one of their strongest traits.

  7. Philosophy
    People born during this month grow up to be thinking individuals. They are philosophers in disguise and can spend a sufficient part of their day ruminating over the intricacies of life and what not.

  8. Ebullience
    These people are cheerful and have a verve for life. Their ebullience can rub off on their companions as well, and hence, they spread joy wherever they go. Their shoulders never drop and they can keep a smiling visage in the toughest of situations.

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