Trifles in my life

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  1. After dinner, I accompanied my 4-year old daughter to take a walk in the square downstairs as usual. Lots of people gathered here on summer nights, children and their grandparents in particular. So to some extent, the square can be divided into two areas, children's park as well as grandparents' square dance place. Tonight, we met a 8-year old boy who was riding a Segway. He was active to show his riding skills to me, which aroused my curiosity. "Can I have a try? It seems easy to ride the Segway." "Of course you can."

However, it was not so easy as it seems for a beginner and the next minute I found myself fall heavily on my back to the ground. I felt severe pain on my elbow and my tailbone. Many people collected themselves automatically around me whispering, and maybe some want to check my injury condition while others only want to find amusement. Luckily, I was young and strong enough to endure the pain, and I instantly got up off the ground. One girl picked up the cellphone on the ground for me. When they found I was ok, the crowd automatically dissolved. My daughter came to me with an anxious look on her little face, "Are you ok, mommy?" When she got my positive answer, she said: "they are all bad people and they laugh at you, so I will not play with them again!" She was so angry and embarassed due to my rash trying on Segway. She was trying to maintain her mommy's face and dignity, which touched my heart at that very moment.

  1. Nowadays, "slash youth" is quite popular in big cities. The uncertainty and fierce competition brought by the modern technology forced more and more people to become jacks of all trade. Strong professional skill plus a decent job is the most secure thing for people and we tend to be more realistic. Yesterday I met one classmate who was going to gradute from a very famous university as a doctress. She shared her view about future. "I an going to find a job as a college teacher and then get married to live an easy life. I have got a boyfriend who is 8 years older than me. He is realible with a big house in Shenzhen, so at least I don't need to worry about life necessities such as house and money when I graduate. And I think we are suitable to each other." She belonged to one of the high intellectuals. She has got the ability to support herself but she chose another easier way. So if a girl chose to marry a boy when he has nothing, what great courage for her to make the choice.

3.Sometimes we don't know where to go in the future, but we just know what we should do now. "To be a better man" stimulates one to move forward though he doesn't know what's waiting for him ahead. Maybe the journey itself is what matters most. So it's ok if you don't know what you like as long as you know what you don't like.

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Hai welcome to steemit, i hope you are succed here

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