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Hello guys. this is not a "sorry for not posting for so long" apology type post. I know I've been absent from Steemit for little over a month, and while I'm not talking your following for granted, I do feel like it's appropriate for me to explain why I was gone from the platform. It wasn't for one reason in particular but circumstances and events put together.
This day marks a milestone in my concerted efforts to put my life back together after a period of erosion that lasted two-three years. I've been trying to find my way professionally and personally, and made a few developments that thought necessary felt very rapid to me. I won't turn this post into a rant don't worry.
My point is that I had little time and comforter to post on Steemit, and together with the downturn in the price level of STEEM it hurt my desire to post. But I haven't forgotten about the power of this community and I haven't changed my mind about cryptocurrencies. I know to take this dip in perspective but it does affect me. At first I've gotten a lot more from STEEM than I have expected but gradually my expectations overshot my outcomes.
And when I looked at my follower list I saw very few unfollowed me- for which I am grateful but undeserving. Having followers on Steemit is not an obligation but a privilege, and if you want to make something lucrative of that fact you need to be consistent.

Let me be frank, we know what STEEM is for. We are all mini entrepreneurs, mini (some not-so) marketers and mini-capitalists. Because we own our means of posting, and we hodl. and we share the value we attribute to cryptos. though the markets may not, for the moment.

So back to me- hey, it's my post 😉. my first big change was quitting therapy. I'm not suggesting that there's something wrong with therapy. I've been seeing the same therapist for about 15 years. Since my junior year in highschool. I never though about switching therapists and I was always contended with the progress he helped me to make. and I'm forever grateful. but in recent years my therapy was heavily stuck. it took me a long time to realize that I've let my therapist be another inhibitor in my life. There is no blame for that, but a need to face a difficult fact- that maybe therapy is not helpful, as this time for me.
The second thing was to start going to the gym again. I've relocated and signed on to a different gym closer to where I lived. Third change is I've started meeting a coacher. I don't know if the word coacher is descriptive for what is in English, because in Israel we refer to it as a personal coacher for clarity.

and finally, I switched jobs. I used to work part time as a graphic designer in an art studio. it was the first hired job I had after college and the one I've spent 3.5 years in. and it's a lot in millennial terms.
Apart from that, I had a few commisions here and there. never consistent enough to combine into a living wage without the financial help of my parents. I now work full time in an advertisement firm.
I've accommodated to this job over the last month and it's been overwhelmingly stressful. because of the stark contrast to my last job. Needless to say there are many advantages in this job that made me want to have it. I'm don't pity myself for having a difficulty adjusting to long hours (also advertising agency's tend to demand a lot of overtime).
I know it is the 'ordinary' program for most people and I have no wish with that, and I'm sure doing my best to fit to that program since my living and mental health depends on it. Also to expand on my last point, I interact much more with Co-workers in my new job than what I used to.
And finally, my coacher now begins to help me find a girl. something that my hyper-anxiety's been keeping me from doing for a long time. this point deserve more than a paragraph but I've been rambling in this post enough.
I just want to post that content as it is. I'm not even planting in pictures or formatting it. Not because I don't care about you but because I'm so eager to let these stuff out already and I think you guys who read my post deserve an update. Thank you and thank you again

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Welcome back :) Looking forward to seeing more of your work and good luck with all the professional and personal life things.

  ·  3년 전

Thank you ☺️

That's some interesting and inspiring one and I wish you get back to your regular posts and discussions on your come back and feel as comfortable as before.

Have a nice second journey on Steemit.

  ·  3년 전

Thank you, I appreciate it