Pokemon Birthday!

5년 전

As mentioned in my introduction, my wife and I had planned for a Pokemon birthday party for our son, Mason. He had been crazy about Pokemon lately. His mom even sewn him a shirt to mimic Ash. He had a blast! I hope you enjoy the photos.

Unfortunately due to a rainy day, we had to improvise our original outdoor plans and hold the party indoors.

Earlier in the week, my wife had an idea to make a pinata. That we did.

Due to the rain, we held the pinata event in the garage. This is the morning before the party.

...and the morning after the party. Sorry but I don't have any pictures of the action. I was in charge of controlling the pinata.

One of the party games was a Pokemon name game for the kids. They would win a small prize if they named the pokemon and I'm relieved they are all pokemon fans too! :)

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That is an awesome pokemon birthday! I think its wonderful how far you went for his birthday and it looks like he had a blast.


I shouldn't take much of the credit. My wife was the creative one with all of the ideas and she dragged me along.