Super happy with my AUTOMATIC video maker!

5년 전

With Google Play (Andriod) & Apple Store (IOS) readily available, we have access to a huge variety of apps that talented developers make for us. Sometimes we come across one or two that really touches us. I found one I would like to share with you all:

It's called Magisto.

This app will randomly use the videos and pictures you capture on your smartphone each day and put it together behind the scenes. It clips your videos and pics together and puts it into a short video with warm (or rock) music. Later in the day, you'll get a notification from the app indicating your video is waiting for you to view.

Below is a video it created after we visited the local circus back on March 31st. I actually used a fun, 3rd party photo app to take the pictures and Magisto worked with it seamlessly. Enjoy!

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