Mini Stapler


Mini Modern Stapler

Have you seen this mini stapler before?

Its a product of Japan, come across it at the Popular BookFest. Think its kinda cute.

The round colour thing you can choose the colour you like.

They have few extra colour specially for the Bookfest i.e if you bought it after the Bookfest these colour may not be available.

The stapler comes in either white or black body and it can be lock by pushing the colour button, so its pretty safe to just throw into your bag.

You could also decorate the stapler body with decorating tapes like shown in the picture - personalized it.

If you are the one that travel a lot to clients place this would be a convinient tool in the bag - light and simple.

Popular Bookfest

Popular Bookfest is once a year, where you can find discounts on books, some tibits, home and some IT item. Crowded with people. Some even brought along luggage to keep the item they shop.

Tibits area where there is food and drinks for sample and for you to purchase

Outside they also have some area for you to explore some new stationery. Its only for certain hours. At the time photo taken it was closed for the day

There are also daily special promotion item and books

Huge area but chinese books are more compare to english

Comics - my favourite

I would not have been there if im alone would be drown in the sea of people. All i do is just following my friend left left right right.I do think its a good time for company to restock stationery especially pens.

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It is very interesting what you comment, those topics are of my interest I hope you continue publishing more

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Thank you for your kind words and encouragement 😊

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Thank you for your kind words and encouragement 😊

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