How to become a happy wife and mom

4년 전

Do you know how to become a happy wife and happy mom? I guess that's not an easy question. I have been married since 2007, my oldest son is 7, and only now have I discovered what is the most important word in the title of my blog.

To live happily, everyone requires a source of energy, balance, and satisfaction. Without it, we have no power to live. Everyone is looking for the energy in different places. Someone is trying to find joy working hard or seeking financial independence. Someone mixes up pleasure with happiness, trying to please himself as often as he can. Someone lives for a family hoping that love of his beloved ones will give him satisfaction.

For many years I was in the last group. I considered my family the primary source of my happiness. One day I realized it doesn't work that way. It doesn't work, and it never will. I was looking for happiness in the wrong place. Furthermore, I recognized that I was the main source of love and sense of security for my children. It requires a lot of energy to help them grow and become independent people.

I was exhausted. I lacked the strength to move forward. I couldn't find any source to fill my energy tanks. At the same time, I was still a mother and a wife with all my responsibilities. I felt hopeless and didn't know how to deal with everyday life.

But then, with the help of books, TED talks, meditations, and friends, I came to understand: the fact that I am a wife and a mom can't make me happy. But, I can be a happy wife and mom if I am happy in the first place. The source of my happiness is inside me. I'm the only person who can make me happy. Therefore I am also the only person who can make me unhappy. I am the boss of my feelings, thoughts, and actions. I felt so powerful! And I decided to live happily no matter what.

Now you know, the most important word in the title of my blog is Happy, and I wish you to find your happiness. I will write more about my findings, and I hope that my own experience and further articles on this blog will help you on the journey to your happier life.


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Hi Victoria, I love the ted talks


Can you share with me your favorite TED talk?

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