The reason why the life you have is the life you need


There is a reason why you have the life you have and not the life you want, and it is because you need it. Surely we all want to have a life free of problems and difficulties, in which we simply do what we want all the time and we are just happy, but the reality is that things are as they are for a reason, the problems and difficulties we have are a reflection of our person, and are necessary insofar as they help us to solve what happens inside us, they help us to grow, in the same way, it is not possible to always do what we want because we have duties, which is a debt that we have contracted with the world and that it is better that everyone pay. And it is also not the best that we are just happy because happiness is not an adequate response for all of our experiences, sometimes we must feel pain to react and do something to the conditions we face, sometimes it is better to feel sadness, and so with all emotions.

We cannot simply choose the good and discard the bad, everything that exists does it for a reason, everything has a purpose, and until we understand the purpose that something has in our lives, it will not stop manifesting itself. We need the life we have, and if we want another, we cannot simply change it, but for that we must change ourselves. And to change ourselves we must face our problems and understand what they represent to us, understand their purpose and their meaning in our lives, because everything has a meaning in our lives, and until we understand it, the same thing will continue to happen to us over and over again, under ten thousand appearances, until we finally learn the lesson.

Having things as we want them may not be the best for us right now, perhaps having problems, obstacles and difficulties is precisely what we need at this moment to improve. Perhaps it is difficult to see it this way, to see the problems we have and everything that is wrong with life and find that it has a meaning and a purpose for us from which we must learn, but I firmly believe that it is so. It is also about recognizing that the failures that we can project in the world, in society, in other people, etc., can also be in us, and until we fix them, nothing will change, and for that, the life we have is necessary.

We cannot see the circumstances in which we find ourselves as something separate from ourselves, we cannot see our environment and take it as simply something that we had to live, completely forgetting that it was we who created them. We have created these conditions of life and it is for something, and that is because we need them.

This makes me think of what they say about life not being perfect, although I just disagree, I think life is perfect in a rather strange and peculiar way that we often don't understand.

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