What are you waiting for?


Something that I have noticed in the way most people act is that we are often waiting for everything to go wrong before changing something in us, we are waiting for disaster to do something about it, take the case, for example, of modern states, they get bigger, totalitarian and tyrannical, we wait, our civil liberties are curtailed, and we wait, I think that at some point we are waiting for murders, wars and incarcerations to start doing something about it, and still a lot of people would remain neutral.

It is not a very good strategy, waiting to suffer to act and change the situation, to a certain extent I believe that suffering is a generator of change, because it forces us to modify the situation we find ourselves to find peace in ourselves. But it is not smart to wait for suffering to change things, we can avoid it if we are willing to do it.

The same thing happens in our personal lives, it is not necessary to wait to be morbidly obese to start exercising, or to wait to get cancer to stop smoking, if we wait long enough with our bad habits, there will come a time when it is too late and we will not be able to do anything to change it, we do not have to wait for misfortune to knock on our door so that some type of alteration can be verified in us. We can learn from bad experiences, but it is as they say, we get the knowledge of the experience just when it is no longer useful to us. Is not always that way, of course, but in this case it seems to be.

When we have lived through the worst misfortunes, suffered from illnesses, pains, and weaknesses, experienced economic, political, and civil crises, endured all kinds of physical and mental problems, only then will we realize that it could have been so easy to have avoided everything by taking correct precautions, and not having given in to fear and laziness, succumbed to vice, and to all kinds of similar ills that condemn us from the beginning to go through all these ailments.

What about you? What are you waiting for? Are you doing what you know you should do or are you waiting for a misfortune to occur first before doing it? Because all humans, endowed with the judgment that nature gave us, are able to see the conditions in which we find ourselves to know what to do, the question is, are you going to do what you know you should do or are you going to wait to be forced to do it?

Don't wait for suffering to be the cause of your change.

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