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I dont know what it is or why. but for some reason some people seem to think that it is ok to talk to people however they please and treat people however they feel like and still expect that person to keep bending over backwards helping and supporting their ass. it's like they are either ungreatful or they are taking what they have for granted. I mean when you have a person who has taken you out of a bad neighborhood and placed you in a better environment, makes sure all of your Bill's are paid including your rent, buys all of the food and brings it in the house. that's right you dont have to get up off of your ass to work or do anything at all yourself period, not even take out your own trash or wash your own clothes. then why would you talk to this person any type of way that you please and still think that they are still suppose to keep supporting and helping and being there for you? if you dont have to lift a finger to make your own food. you dont have to lift a finger to even bring your own groceries in the house or go shopping for any. you dont have to clean your own house. someone else picks up your medicine from the pharmacy. someone else gets you to your doctors appointments. when you are sick its someone else who sees about you or gets you to the hospital. you dont have to find a ride or anything to get there own your own or do anything by yourself.
someone else even buys you clothes and things for your house such as soap, tissue, dish liquid, hair products, etc. someone else handles all of your affairs for you. and even signs you up for penpals.
signs you up for programs and fitness activities at the local YMCA. but for some reason just as soon as a stranger comes along and knocks on the door. and that person who takes care of you stands up and tries to protect you from strangers and possible danger (because you dont know if that person on the other side of that door is here to kill you, rob you or what)...., and what do you do? you jump smart with your caretakers and haul off and say: YOU DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO IN MY HOUSE!
is it me, but did this person just take every single thing that was done for them and stomp it in the face of these care takers for a show out in front of a pack of strangers who never lifted a finger to help or support none whatsoever at all? you like taking the care takers for granted as if you have a right to talk to them however you please and treat them however you feel like and they are suppose to just take it and kiss your ass. I mean it's like some people are dumb stupid or slow. I mean if every other person who was ever around you have all gone and you only have 2 people left. the last 2 people out of an entire family, out of an entire pack of friends. then shoulda common sense tell you that if you have a person that bends over backwards for you and would jump through a lake a fire to save you, then why would you treat them as if they are a child that doesnt deserve to be respected or appreciated? especially if these care takers dont get paid not one single got dam dime for tending to you. why would you do that? why?

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