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Without a doubt I live in reality, my reality and the reality of the universe, but how do I know that what I dream, think and feel is not an illusion? Using the senses with logic and reason, I understand many latent principles and qualities, to clearly differentiate between reality and illusion.

"If something or someone exists, it's because it's real." It is true, then the illusion, the fiction, the parallel, psychedelic, hallucinatory or visionary worlds are also as real as reality itself, because it exists in mysterious and unknown ways for the senses.

What happens when reality is interfered with by another reality?

Within our species, we were given the faculty of thinking with our own will, which allows us to communicate with our environment beyond our understanding and perception, capturing an infinite network of connections full of information. Creative information of infinite realities, that no matter how much we want, we will not know it at all.

Our mind for example is one of these factories of realities, that when you open your eyes, you make it your own and when you close them, you project it to the outside, bouncing inward again. Our body and spirit do the same. Each plane working in tune and autonomy for the creation of a great reality.

We have spent millions of years experiencing the change of night and day, experiencing the different realities that each moment gives us. Today we try to live different realities and we do not realize how our factory of realities does not stop, even if we feel ourselves in a world of illusion.

Thanks to the constant development of technology, the issue of "reality" has not been shelved, and has been handled with impeccable excellence, carrying out the creation of virtual reality, together with computers and now augmented reality, making the latter is quite interesting because of its interaction with the "real" physical environment, mixed with the "imaginary" environment, which is created for the user in many videogames.

The human arts have been the great transmitting machinery of the ingenious factories of realities, dating from the origin of humans, bringing with them a vast knowledge of many outstanding artists who have emphasized their works. Wars, loves, empires, experiences, experiences and other unimaginable realities that each one could live in his times.

We know perfectly what reality we live, feel and think, other than that, madness and dementia are just around the corner, because the external reality directly and indirectly influences oneself and if our "real" reality is not satisfactory, because the individual will surrender to his limbic reality.

There were other explorers of inner truth who went a little further in their search, and who after experiencing the reality of mind and matter in their interior realized that diverting attention is just running away from the problem. Escape is not a solution, you have to face the problem of reality.

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