Don't let procrastination kill you in 2018

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In my bedroom, hung a t-shirt that I like a lot, I bought it in April 2017, it was stylish, but my belly fat is becoming thicker, doesn’t look good, so I hung it in the bedroom, always remind myself to lose weight.

However, seven months have passed, I am still the same as before, I won’t even look at it when I go out, but I still hang it there, after all, I still have the idea of losing weight.

Maybe a lot of people, like me, vowed to lose weight, while eating chocolate and saying I had to join a gym, until the gym membership card expired, the times to the gym are less than 10.

Vowed to read more, bought a lot of books, put on the shelves, the books were covered with dust.

Vowed to learn English, took the initiative to join the study group, the group required to check in daily; after watching a movie, said to me, just check in tomorrow, and finally quietly leave the group.

Vowed to work hard, but surf the net during work time, and also always comfort myself that there is tomorrow.


But why do we have so many goals but can’t achieve them?

We are always delaying, thinking that after tomorrow there is more tomorrow, time passes by, left only the decaying body and soul.

I had already realized that I had procrastination, bought a few books to overcome procrastination, read a few pages, took notes, and then continue dreaming.

I have a habit, every day on the way to work; I like to listen to a podcast, today topic is about how to overcome procrastination, it put forward to just four words and I agree with the point of view: think clearly, act fast.

Before explaining the four words in detail, we have to figure out why we procrastinate.

It is because we have too many things want to do, can not concentrate, no way to complete a one-time, often feel powerless. In the end, we accomplish nothing; inferiority arises spontaneously, persistent vicious cycle.

In the end, we were afraid, afraid of seeing ourselves fail, so continue to delay. If I do not start, I do not have to fear.


Think carefully and clearly

Back to the first two words of the proverbs: think clearly.

What do we have to think clearly?

Think clearly what you want to achieve at this stage, and be aware that your goals must have specific completion times and achievable objectives.

Then prioritize all goals and write down the benefits that each goal can bring.

Use myself as an example:
1. Able to withdraw at least 10 SBD per week.


  • Help to clear my study debt
  • Buy myself a better camera lens
  • Able to bring my parents to travel

2. Practice English speaking skill, able to speak fluently without mixing Chinese word.


  • Increase self-confidence and brave enough to pick up the phone
  • Can communicate with foreign customers smoothly

Act fast

With a clear goal is not enough, to be specific, set up measurable measures, such as I want to lose weight, I have to set a few pounds per week, 1 kg or 3 kg?

What should I do to achieve my weekly goal? Eat a hearty breakfast plus exercise, shouldn’t eat too much during lunch, eat only vegetables for dinner.

What is the concept of abundance? What sports do you do? What vegetables do you eat to help you lose weight? To do so, you must list a detailed list, otherwise all just slogans.

After listing your goals and lists, take a photo and send it to yourself and your friends for encouragement and supervision.


After thinking clearly, it is time to act, perseverance is victory, although it sounds rough, it is not rough, but before you act, you need to avoid the minefield, this minefield is "Of course, but...".

For example, Of course, I want to exercise, but I am not ready, with the "but," we have a little comfort in mind, I do not want to exercise, just because I am not ready.

For this minefield, we should subconsciously analyze the reasons behind the two words and record them all to find out the real cause, and then we can pinpoint the solution.

I want to lose weight, but I'm not ready yet, is it because you haven't buy sports equipment yet? Then buy it. Is it because you have not found a partner to lose weight together? Then find someone.

Few more days to 2018, act quickly, write down your goal and plan for 2018 so that your every day is full.

We all have to grow, do not let procrastination break our ideal wings, overcome delays so that I can put on the fashionable t-shirt.


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