Dear diary : Sick and Tired

2년 전

Im sick and tired of....

Being sick and tired.

This chronic daily pain.

The lack of finances and insurance to see who i need to see.

The arrogant dismissive doctors.

Sick of not doing anything.

Sick of not earning aliving like i would if healthy.

The constant mood swings directly related to my head and neck.

Not knowing what is wrong.

Not knowing exactly what to do.

Spending & spending & spending money on doctors, therapies, and supplements etc that do nothing for me.

Fear over not surviving this and not being able to be there for my son.

The non understanding community who looks down on me like i dont have CHRONIC PAIN.

People who claim to know the issue, try to fix me and dont. After i pay them loads of cash of course.

The drs or therapist that say "wow you are really improving". No im fucking not.

The ones who question or doubt my pain tolerance! Really you fuck tards!? Ive broke almost every bone in my body, ive been in major accidents, ive been thru surgeries (one i was awake), i get tooth fillings with no numbing agents. Fucking fagets, i know pain and this is the worst ive ever met. Imprisioning me in a torture room that i get no break from.

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Just an aside, I've had more success with acupuncturists than any MD's. Especially old school Chinese ones.


Yes ive had a few sessions and felt its power. Like all therapist/drs not all are created equal. Im wanting to find a very good one and figure a way for medicaid to pay for it or up my income so i can afford it. I would enjoy Accupuncture regularly even if healthy. Also massage and chiropractic. Ty for reminder :)


You're in South Florida.. Shudong Wang (954) 772 9696. He's relatively inexpensive and very good IMO.
4522 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Upvoting you for heroic endurance. I thought the cranial therapy was helping? My heart goes out to you. Wish I could do more.


Ty @creationofcare :). It did help and i am getting funds together for next visit, hopefully soon! It still has a possibility to majorly improve my situation. Im going to go thru the recommended up to 32 visits. So far ive only done 4. The release it gave me is exactly what i need right now. I also want to get some medication beforehand because it can agitate symptoms which is normal. Last series (4) it gave me instant relief and afterwards some BAD attacks, then some lasting relief. From the research ive done, it does have curing capabilities so hopefully i can write that story, but what a long journey it has been.

Just letting it out, and ty for your support :)

I'm so sorry to hear that, I'm sorry you're dealing with an uncompassionate medical system. Natural healing might work on its own?


Ty @trufflesrus! Its happened to some, so never know. 11 year seveare head pressure at base of skull and many more symptoms. Most likely a neck issue causing all kinds of havoc. Ive tried many many many things to no avail so far. My next hope is nueral cranial restructuring NCR, which did give me major relief on my first series. Ty for your sympathy. Blessings