I finally met a fellow steemian!


I'm glad it was @kendewitt and I always had a feeling it would be, both because of proximity and because we get along really well. He's helped me a lot since i joined steemit and I just realized now that i didn't give a proper "thanks". We had a nice chat though.

No pics!?! How lame are we, right?

Ken, like myself, seems to value his privacy and not jump straight to his phone to take a picture.
So there are no pics.

We did have a few nice chats during the course of the afternoon. Meeting him made me remember how much I enjoyed this place when I was desperate for a connection with the world from behind the wall of fire.

Now it's the coldness of the city, but things are getting better. I'd like to share everything with you.

So maybe I'll be popping in a bit more now. There are still lots of people I'd love to meet. So I'll do my best as I always do and hopefully that'll mean you seeing more of me

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Highly rEsteemed!

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Ah so cool you met someone f2f. I have only met one live, no selfie either. But lots of voice chatting.

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Let's voice chat sometime!


Yay! That would be cool!