Life is Like a Monopoly Game, an Essay on Property

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Life is like a monopoly game.

At the start some are blessed with luck at the throw of the dice, some are not.

As the game begins, everyone focus on accumulating the largest amount of wealth and property since that is the common goal and while some actually achieve this, some do not.

Quickly a swirl of emotions ensues as some accidentally fall in the wrong house and have to pay the owner of the house from their money while others receive the money and therefore accumulate more wealth, and this dynamic of the game keeps the people entertained for a while, as the money is able to buy the winners properties, houses and hotels, making them more and more focused on the game and the thrill that comes with it.

Nevertheless at some point it begins becoming clear who the winner is going to be, for he has accumulated a large portion of the wealth and is therefore free from the chaos and uncertainty that comes from the roll of the dice and yet the game endures for he still doesn't own the whole board. Because of this, for him the game starts to seems awfully real. He starts focusing all of his energy on finishing the game and by bankrupting his opponents to indisputably become the winner. Some might still battle him for the title as others, deprived of property, become bored with the game and realize there are people around them than they’d rather connect to instead of the game itself.

As the game continues more and more people become bored and seize being connected to the game, mindful that it is all that it really is - a game. The game is not actual life, for the game advocates that at the end there can only be one, whereas life means the existence of several, as in a society. The game is but an illusion. Life itself, exists only outside of the game.

Finally one becomes the winner for he has accumulated all the wealth, and because he makes enough noise everyone turns to acknowledge that he was in fact the winner and praises all the energy that he put in the game, but quickly returns back to the conversation they were having, mindless of the game that was happening just then in front of them.

As all properties, houses, hotels and moneys goes back into the cardboard box, one might realize property is but a stubborn illusion, meaning nothing more than the value we wish to endow things with, but the people that shared the experience with us, those remain on the outside where life truly dwells.

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I've never won a game of monopoly...
This reflects acutely.

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Ahah! Indeed...

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