Patience is the productivity factor which keeps your persistent in working your tasks

3년 전

Do you have the patience??????
I always stand in front of the mirror asking the same thing almost every day. Do I have patience? Will I ever have it or Its just a dream for me???

We all come to want to be something and for that, we really work hard but this hard work fails when we fail to continue with the same hard work for a longer period of Time. There we only lack one thing that is the patience.
The reality is that it's really hard to endure the patience because of the unsatisfactory demands of us.
When we earn 1 we ask for 2, when we have 2 we ask for 4 and so on. And we fail to this increasing expectation we STOP
That's why it is really important to have the patience to deal with the failure that we all possibly will face at a certain stage of Our life..


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