Microburst storm last night

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We had an intense storm last night and I'm still cleaning up the mess. The wind and rain blew so hard that the trees bent over 90 degrees and I could not see the road. Wow, that was amazing!!!

The county road was completely blocked off by nearly a dozen trees, some of them were huge, no getting around them. No wonder it was so quiet this morning. Nobody drove by all morning. lol Enjoy the storm pictures as I gift my time to my neighbours by cleaning up the road!

First tree headed west from our drive way.

Second tree and he was huge!!!

Hauling it back to the yard for firewood! There are some benefits for helping neighbours. :)

I had to trim it just so that the quad could pull it.

Still headed west, cleaning up as I go. Another bunch of trees beyond this one yet.

This is far as I go. Not sure if there are trees down over the hill, but somebody else can step up. Headed east now.

Small tree here and a spruce tree up ahead, blocking my neighbour from getting to the highway.

I'm not done yet, as I had to take a break. It's a lot of work clearing trees after a storm.

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