3000 Steem Power Delegation 20 Winners - Xemurai #5 - MyCoinvest Special

3년 전


I will be delegating 3000 Steem Power for 1 month to 20 lucky participants (150 each) participating in the Xemurai Give-Away #5
All places will receive 150 Steem power delegation! Participation time is 7 days. Winners will be chosen random.

To participate you need to:

  1. Follow @Xemurai
  2. Resteem this Post
  3. Sign up at MyCoinvest using http://bit.ly/2Iv4V6w? and send proof in the comments.
  4. Join the telegram group https://t.me/myCoinvest & write Salute Xemurai :)

Only who full-fills all 4 assignments will be eligible for participation! If you already have a account because you participated in give-away #2 please send screenshot of your existing account.

About MyCoinvest
MyCoinvest is a user friendly financial savings ecosystem that offers an incentivised automatic savings platform powered by the Nem Blockchain.

Good Luck to all!

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I know that this has NOTHING! To do with the post at hand but...


Must kiss the doggy .....
The cuteness the cuteness !


You got a 27.03% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @originalathena!


This is a lot power, great.

Will do all that and more coz I need to win this. Hahaha! Awesome project. Thanks!


Will i get the bonus really?


Amazing post! Thanks for the info!

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I have given you 60 votes. = My curation.
good luck everyone.

Don is looking even more dangerous


He is a very good boy :D

Ok then I'll give it a shot, signup, telegram group (@rosswlkr), resteem all done!

i hope, i will.



I was one of the winners of the last contest and I am very happy and grateful. here is my entry in this contest. I hope I can be allowed here ... thanks so much sir




Nice post

@ xemurai




all the best,btw the doggy looks really atractive

Fulfilled all tasks.


Hi @xemurai, you've being so generous on this platform and I must applaud you for this...
You deserve an accolade....

I missed last contest because I had issues with accessing the VPN but you were still generous with the upvote on my comment, so I wouldn't want to miss out on this one. Thank @xemurai, I appreciate...

Here's my entry for this week's contest...
I've always being following you....

I have Resteemed this post for more visibility...

registration process...

Proof of A Successful Registration...

joined telegram successfully and did the salutation...

Once again, thanks and Salute @xemurai....



Nice photography, thanks for sharing it @xemurai.

I would like to participate, by the way, beautiful dog

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience or inconvenience, I ask this publication a collaboration of a steem, to motivate new users and earn money and extra coins, I will share what I earn, as I said, motivation to new users and I would greatly appreciate your help with a steem, Thank you!

I should win cuz i do always all your task .,i have voted all your posts .,
so it mean i m loyal follower of @xemurai
mycoinvest and telegram proof

Care our pets and love 🐕🐕

Linda Mascota tierna Dulce Muchas bendicione a su mascota <3


Steem power is like a snowball relesed from a large cliff the more you have it the more rewards you recive as a passive income no matter if the market is bearish.
If the market turns bullish then it is a win win situation :)



All done sir @Xemurai😁





Join Telegram and write





Hello, I followed all the steps :) here are the photos.

Registered in MyCoinvest

nory 11.jpg

united in the group of Telegram




Follow @Xemurai- ok
Resteem this Post- ok
Singup- ok
join telegram- ok

All Done Dude!
Hope I win!

Comment by:
Ibraheem Qadir

Follow me on Twitter: @IbraheemQadir

Follow me on Steemit: @IbraheemQadir




Are you really going to delegate that much of steem power???
Any proof that you have done it earlier??
Any ways still participating have done all that you have said.
All the four steps and also upvoted you.


Please follow back and upvote my post if you can..


proof you can find here https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html if you typ in my name you will sell all the delegations i have made so far


And how do choose the person whom you delegate..
Any criteria or any randomly. On which grounds do you select the winner..?????


Followed and Resteemed along with the screenshots for #3 and #4:

Done ..i really need tk get these please
I have done the nesseccary thanks


I don't have interest in the contest...but this cutie is telling me "do it"...

That's amazing

Thank you for such useful information

Nice dog

Posted using Partiko Android

i am done...


please send prove as screenshot

Done! thank you for the cool project!!!
here is my proof


Followed Resteemed and upvoted
How will you choose the winner?


dont forget to sign up at the link and upload a screenshot here


I sign up there but have no access to screenshot due to my faulty mobile :(

mycoinveststeemit xemurai.tiff

So what to do for doing it and to do make it happen , take me some way to go on thidls way . Also needing it.. sir plz make a guide and show me the real way to earn huge amount


please follow all instructions and you will be able to participate

steemit xemurai.tiff

I'm interested for this. can I join, but how? thanks.


just follow all instructions and you will participate


okay thank you ☺️ #xemurai

I already followed you. I resteemed your post. Sign up screenshot below... Screenshot_2018-08-08-21-33-04-25.png

All done sir.


Amazing competition.

My name has never been picked up by a random selection. So good luck for the participants

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i am here for the lovely dog ;)

ok i fully floing 4 step please pick up my name

innocent looking of the dog
great writing

nice contest will send you the proof

all steps and sign up done @xemurai

wow good news

Upvote from me follow done comment done👍
New user learning slowly slowly.


dont forget to sign up and send the screenshot

good contest , very simple and easy to understand, looks like participation should be easy and simple , lets do it , i am in bro , thank you bro

All done sir.



I am Done..Thanks hope for Win

Such proof enough I hope

Hello.. Steemian I feeling it amazing and fond of participating in any type of competition.. I will do participate in this also... Just make me clear that what does its benefit??? It's really working I have seen it... But how it's work just make it clear for me... Thanks

very cute & silky hair doggy

Lovely dog

i dont like dogs but the giveaway sounds like intresting. I'm also participate.....,



@xemurai what a cute pic:)

Done, I hope to win!! thanks for this oportunity.

Hiii great pic.. I invite you to my profile and give me a great upvote in the photo that you like the most. I am a beautiful yorkie who loves social networks

Really great to see you are giving opportunity to new entrants.





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That's my sign up screenshot


Yea have voted, resteem and sign up. Also join the telegram

Posted using Partiko Android

Woa, awesome.

Done... I already wrote Salute Xemurai :) on telegram, my alias is Rodabraha........




Done sir!!


Done all the steps
Followed telegram page
And account created here is the proof

Hello!!! Ready @xemurai Suerte a todos los participantes.


wow.. i want to join mam thanks its so nice...

Awesome picture of your and of course it will inspired me

All done


Done... I already wrote Salute Xemurai :) on telegram, my alias is Rodabrahan

Espero tener suertescreenshot_20180808_143829.png

Mission Completedcoinvest.PNG

done saying "Salute Xemurai :)" in telegram too. hope I win, thank you

Nice man.i need your bonus


make sure to follow all the steps

Very nice dogi so sweet

Still waiting for telegram group link, it doesn't worked out for me :/


hm thats strange you are still participating dont worry


Thanks... 🙏
It's seems strange for me too, but as per my understanding, telegram group invitation working very quick by group link

Is there any truth to this, does anyone really win these games y'all playing or is it just for votes, resteem, etc?


ask last winners also you can easy see here that i do what i promise ... https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html


Thanks for the upvote and the response, I had to ask!

Posted using Partiko Android

Good night @xemurai , it seems your telegram link doesn't working, I couldn't join the group... Please check it and let me know 🙏


try again it should work. the group is called mycoinvest


It says : there is no telegram account with this username again, if it's a group, please provide the invitation link 🙏


try to find the group mycoinvest

Salute Xemurai Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey
This is my proof :)
Thanks a lot

Very creative project . Everyone take this opportunity

@xemurai it's a great Contest . A Big Salute to you @xemurai

All steps done.

Upvoted and resteemed 👍


Done sir!


i have registered under your link last night..but i have troubles uploading it so i just did it again this morning..

my telegram username: @fated2loveu


A wonderful dog! Lovely! <3

Good @xemurai. Saludos

I think it's very nice quiz contest for beginners and the concept is also good i think i will take part in this so i will follow all the rules which explained and thanks for running this kind of contest it will really be great for newbie.

Hello Xemurai I've fulfiled all.



Hope to be considered for this...

done the registration


Woww that's great competition :)

que buen post para aumentar conocimientos

How you'll select the winners.
Is it random again?
How i'll send you the proof?


yes random just send me a screenshot like the others did

Good job Brother it helps to new steemian grow fast.

All done



Ready @ xemurai. This is the time I win. I know it 😎👍



Hello @xemurai, are you going to say who win today?


I WON 150SP!!!!

Screenshot (48).png

Screenshot (45).png

Screenshot (44).png

Screenshot (47).png

I hope I can win this competition

I LIKED IT: Awesome picture of your and of course it will inspired so many people....Hey.
Thank you for sharing this story and advice and more then that.
Maybe I should think about my plan and do it the way you do.
I have already made good profits, but as you said, it is hard work. Daily trading costs time and nerves..
Wish you all the best!


Lovely Contest..Participating..

Why is this categorized as travel?


because i travel a lot :=)

dogy dogy

Niceee carry on 😃😃

Salute Xemurai

  1. Done
  2. Finished
  3. Completed
  4. Accomplished

Screenshots below.


Hmmm the contest sounds good. I will be into this Delegation contest of yours. I missed out on this the previous time. Hope fully i can get SP150 if i win. Thanks alot for this one @xemurai.

All done.
Thank you ☺

2018-08-09 22.44.43.png

Hey @xemurai, I had been waiting so anxiously about 5 days for your blog Nd finally it's here. Where had you been mate? So this time it's your Fifth give away contest. These contests you hold are really very good. Impressed by you. Well thus time I will be a part of this. Thanks for sharing. Get some time and visit my blog, there are lots of awesome posts waiting for you dude.


I was partying to hard couldn't upload any posts :) Sure will visit your blog

My account snapshot below


I like this post.........

Congratulations @xemurai!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 7 with 135 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 557,67

Excellent guys!


I love the picture of the dog

Love your doggy, very cuteee <3

folow me ok all

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 15.21.44.png
this is how your prove should look like

You have posted an image in an artistic tag (photography, art, etc.) without attribution or source. By doing so you are claiming to be the content creator.

Plagiarism is the copying & pasting of others work without giving credit to the origional author or artist.

Repeated plagiarism or tag abuse is considered spam. Spam is discouraged by the community and may result in action from the cheetah bot.

More information on Image Plagiarism
More information on artistic tags

If you believe this comment is in error, please contact us in #disputes on Discord

Im interested in thia contest and i hope i win

Very good

I already reestem this post

Very cool... I'm following you

This post has received a 32.17 % upvote from @boomerang.

Thank you.

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wow wonderful

  ·  3년 전

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my frens yor pad is biyouti fool
this dog his maind bloing

My account snapshot below