Travel with me: Barcelona Diary!

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Hi dear Steemers!

Today I would like to share with you my memories from our one-night gateaway to Barcelona.
One day is definitely too little to explore this wonderful city, but it was enough to fall in love with it.



We started our journey at La Rambla which is a popular alley with many small, wonderful shops.


Later we went to the Port and visited the Museum d'Historia de Catalunya.



Next we explored a little bit the Gothic Quarter. With its narrow streets the atmosphere there was magical.
We headed to Sagrada Familia, which is a large Roman Catholic church , designed by Antoni Gaudí. The church is being build since 1882 and it's still undone. The estimated year of ending of works is 2026. The ticket was pricey, but it was worth the money.





We stayed at our friend's apartment and spend a magical evening there. The view was astonishing. We took the opportunity to shot some photos. By some I mean about thousand! You can notice Barcelona Cathedral in the background.

I was shocked how cheap the wine was. This one costed about 4 euros and I recommend it. Hill Montjuic in the background.


I fell in live with the spirit of Barcelona and I hope I will go back there soon. I hope you enjoyed my story!

Love, Karolina
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Hej. Widziałaś informacje o spotkaniu ludzi z polskiej społeczności Steema, we Wrocławiu? :)

Było by super, gdybyś wpadła i Ty :)


Super pomysł! Myślę. że się pojawię :)

Hey you were in my city!! Isn't Barcelona awesome? Your friend has a sweet apartment in that location with a rooftop pool, lucky! It looks like you saw most of the cool sights too :) If you are ever back in Barcelona and interested in doing a photoshoot with your fiance send me an email, my wife and I are wedding photographers here ;) P.s. I loved your post about the crazy gross worms, I'm following you now so hope to see more neat stuff like that!


Lucky you then! It is awesome indeed! Looks like we should get married in Barcelona :D


haha, yes! You definitely should :)


even if the Earth is flat, you would see curvature when going away from it

Great pictures.


thanks! :)

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Hello, @xxvjs.

Sorry to be late noticing this post. Congrats for it.

Barcelona is the most beautiful big city in whole Europe.

Did you visit Park Güell? This park is the best part of the city, at least for me :)



Unfortunately I spend there only 1 day and it was not enough to visit all the places that I wanted. But I will definitely go back there! Thanks for the comment :)


I want to say allowed in this steemit community that " YOUR ARE GORGEOUS AS F*** (^.^)
I liked this post a lot. Thanks for sharing it Miss Beautiful :) Want to know you more ;)


that's sooo sweet of you! thank you! <3

Looks like a lot of fun


It was indeed!

Those photos are beautiful... the trip looks amazing!

Great photos and yourself and enjoy the blog

looking beautiful


Thank you! <3

Amazing church design by Gaudí, is it promised to take photo inside the church?


You can take photos inside, just cannot use flash.

I would love to see those beautiful places!

at the end of day some sexy shots :) nice xxvjs

Nice pic @xxvjs! How did you like barcelona? Eres muy guapa! :)


I loved it! I'm looking forward to go back there! Gracias ;)

I want to travel Barcelona.
thank you for sharing


You definitely should!

wwwwwawwwww i'm in love with these photos


Glad you like it <3 Have a nice day!


thank you my new friend :*

That's the way to travel!!! :)))

@xxvjs awesome :) very good post. I wanna go there too, churches, museums all of them are unbelievable

Barcelona is a great city, I'm hoping to return later this year to see a football match! What was the port like? I didn't see it when I was there


Well it was ok, but I've seen better. Maybe I had such a impression because of the weather that day, it was rather cloudy.

viska barcaaaaaaaaaa.


The view is really astonishing from apartment ! wow !

Wow! The view from that pool!!! Zajebiste! 😜 I've been to Barcelona many times, I love it and I made a video for Barcelona lovers from a Barcelona lover :) check it out here if you want:

Hey! Great pictures :)


Thanks! :)

Wonderful pictures! Makes me wanna go there :)
It seems like you had a great day in Barcelona!

I was there too , the most beautifull city from Spain.

These pictures are amazing! Makes me want to go on vacation right now. It's so cold here in New York can't wait for the summer time.