Now playing week 13 " Tree-cloud and mountain''

3년 전

Hello all the steemit friends!

Today weather really well.
Dont forget to drink white water. Its really important to take care our health. Food is the most important things we should care. Cholesterol to much eat us .
Me personally not really taking care my fitness. But i will do if have time. Mostly if i have time every evening sunset i will walk,jogging while listening song. Tree cloud and mountain is my track to listen.

This music is healing you how to get calm,chill with nature, respect, and love your life.
So, Today now playing week 13 once again i promote my self and share music for all to listen to.

Thank you for support kkmusic scene. #Kotakinabalumusic

Support your local musician,

Have a nice day :)) Cheers!!

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this is super chill!

Thank you so much for sharing this new gem Yat, wishing you the best on your weekend from overseas :)


Hi pablo thank you my friend. Now we prepairing Cds to sending at your address. We hope 1 day can play live at your country :)

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