01.11.2018 - 22:26 Jogging challenge 10 (1 of 10 days in a row) - Day 44

3년 전

If you are committed to jog every day and when you are about to do it for the day it starts to rain really hard please don't listen to the sound of the rain. Even when it sounds like the sky is falling don't use that information. It is still raining today (again after two days of really nice weather) but since is not the first time I got out to run only to notice that the rain was not to hard as it sounds. Even as I write according to the sound it's getting harder but after my observation I don't believe in that anymore.

This was a nice way to start my new challenge. So the first day is done and it was nice one more time to jog under the rain. The route today was not so long but the job was done. Improving each day my breathing so I'm good. Looking forward to next session.

We treat a 5 dollars cat better than we try our 2 Billion dollars Body. Let's change that as of today.

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