Winner Frog

4년 전

Long ago, a lot of frogs lived in a lake. There was a very old metal pillar in the center of the lake, which was built by the king who built the lake. The pillar was very high and its surface was quite smooth.

One day the frogs came to mind that why not take a race. Contestants participating in the race will have to climb the pillar, and the first one that will reach the top will be considered as the winner.

The day of race came, there was a lot of crowd around; Many frogs from surrounding areas also came to participate in this race. There was stirring in the atmosphere, noise was noisy on every side.

The race started ...

... but seeing the pillar, any frog gathered in the crowd was not convinced that any frog would reach the top ...

It's all heard ...

"Hey, it's so hard"

"He will never meet these races"

"There is no question of success, it can not be so easy to climb on a smooth pillar"

And this was also happening, whatever frog tried, he would go down a bit and fall down,

Many frogs were engaged in their efforts even after falling three times ...

But the crowd was still shouting, "It can not be, impossible", and the excited frog also became desperate to hear this and left their efforts.

But there was a small frog between the frogs, which was also used to climb up with the same zeal over and over again .... He continued moving upwards, and eventually reached the top of the pillar and this race Make the winner

Everyone was surprised at his victory, all the frogs surrounded him and started asking, "How did you do this impossible job, even if you got the power to achieve your goal, even tell us that you have How did you win? "

Then a voice came from behind ... "What do you ask him, he is deaf?"

Friends, we often have the ability to achieve our goal, but we tend to underestimate ourselves due to negativity around us and give our lives without completing the big dreams we have seen. . The requirement is that we become deaf to every single voice that weakens us and blind towards every such scene. And then nobody will stop us from reaching the summit of success.

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