The Uberisation of everything

4년 전

In my other posts I often refer to the topic of the so-called “uberization of everything” and the further evolution of the Internet into “a physical Internet 2.0”, which will empower our usual reality by introducing an additional virtual dimension.

Uber is a fine example of the “Swarming social development”. The mobile application eliminates the human mediation factor and social parasitism, and also formalizes and simplifies various basic processes of human interactions.

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As a result, the entire cult of career breaks down - an ordinary schoolchild can now call a personal driver, if he or she sets aside a couple of dollars from lunch. Human interactions within the Swarm improve capabilities of the whole society and do not result in the discrimination of its individual representatives.

Similar systems are currently being deployed in China. The startup called Meicai has already attracted about $600 million of funding - now its cost is estimated at about $7 billion. The idea of the company coincides with the basic concept of Uber: replacing human intermediaries with a single automated platform. The company provides direct interaction of small and medium Chinese restaurants with local farmers, and excludes middlemen from the system of public relations.

Automation and “Uberisation” of transactions is a promising line of business. The emergence of various applications and open-source platforms will allow us to exclude intermediaries from most business processes, which, in turn, will allow the humanity to redirect the efforts of a significant number of people into the production plane from the plane of scaling and parasitism.


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