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As human beings at some point in our lives we have felt sad, upset or downcast by different circumstances of daily life, however, we have also felt happy, euphoric and satisfied, why not reverse the moments of dissatisfaction, at the moment of satisfaction?.
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Achieving excellence represents a great moment of satisfaction, because it is the result of dedication, perseverance and dedication in the development of a specific job, reaching it provides a state of rejoicing in the organism and provokes in our brain a greater connection of neural networks .

Through simple exercises, these achieved states can help to program and strengthen the brain, obtaining benefits that will bring well-being to the organism, since they accelerate learning, increase creativity, connect the brain with positive experiences and help you solve problems.


  • Remember a moment of full satisfaction in which you have achieved excellence; listen to what you heard, feel what you felt, remember what you saw.

  • As you already brought it to your mind, live it and enjoy it now.

  • Imagine that this state of excellence has a certain shape, color, sound and texture, for example, it has the shape of a happy face, it is yellow, it sounds like bells, and it is soft.

  • Make as if that happy face or the shape you selected, keep it in your hand squeezing it.

  • Repeat the exercise several times with different moments of excellence and keep them in the same place.

  • In the future, when you need to maintain yourself in a state of excellence, just remember the happy face in your hand and this fact will automatically dispel the state you want and you will notice it in your body.

  • When you repeat the exercise again, you can choose other places in your body to save your moments of excellence.

By making this a habit, the connection of the brain with the body will lead you to have a better disposition in the different situations that correspond to you, your answers to the environment will be firmer and made with the fullness of your resources, which will take you to see life from a different perspective and therefore to enjoy it fully, what do you expect? encourage yourself to strengthen your brain.

Until my next post, I remain, @zeuz

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