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Many children are interested in the activities that their adult referents do and in their games they try to do things like them, regardless of the gender to which the society has attributed that activity, Is that wrong?. If not, why do the parents worry so much?, Why is the child who wants to imitate a female behavior and the girl a masculine one repressed?.

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SEX is a biological condition, while GENDER is a construction of what society expects from individuals depending on whether it is male or female

The construction of the genre is variant and picks up much influence of the cultures and the historical moment, in function of this, the society has been in charge of separating activities only for girls and only for children, and although it is certain that we have evolved in that aspect , since in our grandparents' time it was much worse, there are still social expectations, such as families that educate so that men become the main economic support and that women assume domestic responsibilities. And if we visit toy stores, traditional toys still exist in piles: for girls: dolls to learn to be a mom? blenders, blenders ... and for men: cars, balls and appliances with controls.
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Girls are expected to be delicate, flirtatious, and boys to be brave and strong, and when they do not meet these stereotypes they are somehow victims of a discriminatory society, in which even school is included. Sadly there are still cases in which girls are reprimanded for wanting to climb a tree or build a carrucha (board with wheels that allows you to slide, it is a rustic version of a skateboard) or children for wanting to sew, without realizing that you are being coerced acquiring life skills.

The construction of the genre should then be based on principles and values ​​that take into account the being, their tastes, talents, allow creativity to emerge through the game because from there they are creating interest on certain topics, at which time the parents or responsible adults of those children in formation must be attentive to offer opportunities that adapt to what they want.

steemians,friends, readers; It is a matter of giving our children an education in which they have great freedom to express their feelings, tastes and interests, supporting them in their formation so that they reach adulthood with many skills that allow them to be successful people.

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