How to get started on Steemit?

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Hi everyone!

I'm really new to Steemit, and it's been hard for me to pick up steem (pun intended :D). I try to comment on interesting posts I like, and have made a few blog posts, but no one seems to respond ... from the looks of it there's not much incentive to comment/upvote a newbies posts (no monetary incentive at least, which is what most people are looking for I assumed).

So, I'm reaching out to you guys for some advice - how do I get my posts noticed, and pick up followers? Beyond simply posting quality content, and sticking around - both of which I am going to do.

You guys are awesome, please advise, would greatly appreciate. Will follow you back too :)


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Well, first, welcome.
Second, you just go here. This isn't a get rich quick scheme. For whales who buy in, it is a get richer scheme, however.

Let's get started. You need to create your introduction post. A post that says who you are and what your interests are and what you plan on writing about on Steemit. Use the "introduceyourself community minnowsunite steemit story" tags.

You are posting on a regular basis. Good. I usually tell newbies that they need to do about 4 articles a day and they can keep track on Steemit Board of Honor. It also helps with motivation. You can get other motivational information by checking Steem Supply

Make sure you have an image with all your posts. It helps drive eyeballs.

Based on what you want to post, from your intro article, look in the tag/category list to make sure it isn't overcrowded. The majority of your articles have been for "cryptocurrency", which is a crowded tag. So, you better have some compelling headlines and images.

You are making good comments on other people's articles. (look at the Steem Supply for your comment payout) Try to stick to articles you are interested in and also ones that are similar to what you write about. Seems like a no-brainer, but like people will vote on like articles.

Don't give up, but don't burn yourself out.
If you want to go down the road of fake upvotes and buying upvotes, you can do that. And, there are ways of getting people to delegate you Steem POWER, so that yourself vote on your article is more. That's up to you.

Good luck.


Good advice! I'd summarize to say the keys are to keep posting, and to comment a lot on other people's post you enjoy. Most followers for me come from comments I've made which caused them to check out my profile.


Thanks so much for the detailed reply. I'm here to join the community, so not really looking for the free upvotes/power. Would just like to have more of a following/more power since that's always a plus, and more money is an obvious plus!

Ah, is it okay to do an introduceyourself without posting a picture of myself? Would prefer not to have to do that :) though I've seen it's recommended.

Also that is really good advice on the tags ... always thought posting to the most popular ones would get the most views, but I see that it can easily get buried.

Notice there are a lot of canned responses on most articles ... seems like bots just post mindlessly :)

Will keep these in mind, thanks a lot for the reply ... appreciate it.


is it okay to do an introduceyourself without posting a picture of myself?

See my avatar?


lol i see i see, yeah well me too hahah


Notice there are a lot of canned responses on most articles ... seems like bots just post mindlessly :)

Yes, there is an issue with comment bots. And there is an issue with junk/bot articles.
In general, there is an issue with bots.

Comments with advice here would be greatly appreciated :)

Word advice, be super duper ultra careful with your password. I actually suggest you even print it out and put the paper in a fireproof safe. If you lose that password your account will not be recoverable. And down the line you may have thousands of steem just from getting upvotes and such. Which may one day be worth 10 grand or more.

Take your password super seriously.


Hey dude! Happy to see you stopping by :) Thanks for the advice. Yeah I have made sure to back up my password multiple times :| hopefully will be enough hah

Yep, one day hopefully can get to that point! Still a newbie for now heh