What is mobile insurance?

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Mobile insurance protects the phone from theft, loss and damage, including liquid damage.
Over the past few years, the smartphone industry has undergone massive changes. From being an item of luxury, smartphones have now become a necessity, aiding us in almost everything that we do. When first introduced, smartphones offered very basic features. However, the smartphones being rolled out now are equipped to allow you to manage your entire personal and professional life on one single device. Beyond the functionality the offer, smartphones have become a status elevator in terms of spending abilities and style.

The concept of mobile insurance is rather recent and not many smartphone owners are aware of it or willing to do purchase it. Theft of smartphones has become very common occurrence making it all the more important for owners to insure their devices. For higher end smartphones, this protection is even more important as they are very lucrative targets for theft.

Benefits of mobile insurance:
Considering the heavy reliance that today’s generation has on their smartphone, mobile insurance can be your best friend. Listed below are the some of the benefits which mobile insurance provides,

  1. Making it more of a requirement now a day.
  2. Safeguarding it from theft and damage.
  3. Getting a replacement for stolen or damaged smartphone without having to downgrade to a lesser advanced model
  4. Recovering any loss of mobile phone.
  5. Taking care of any damage or loss of mobile phone.


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